Junior Golf

Please call 386-671-3508 for more information about our Junior Golf Programs.

The Daytona Beach Golf Club is very active in promoting golf to Children. We run several programs that are all designed to get kids out on the course playing golf. All of this is made possible by the golfers who play in the Jane Cerrone Memorial Golf Tournament each year. All proceeds from this event are used to conduct all the Junior Golf Progams at the Daytona Beach Golf Club.

Who was Jane Cerrone? Jane was a tireless advocate for golf at the Daytona Beach Golf Club. She loved to turn people onto golf. She worked especially hard to get children to play golf. Jane also served on our Golf Advisory Board and even while fighting a courageous battle with cancer, never missed a meeting. When Jane passed, her friends asked that we conduct a golf tournament in her name and for the proceeds to be used to promote Junior Golf at Daytona Beach Golf Club. We have just completed the 12th edition of the tournament and to date, we have raised over $70,000.00



The Jane Cerone Family Golf Course

The Jane Cerrone Family Golf Course is a special set of tees set on our North Golf Course that are positioned closer to the green. This makes it easier for beginners of all ages to learn and play the game. Special PGA Markers are positioned on the cart path that indicate the tee position. Simply drive to the marker on the cart paths and look directly toward the fairway and you will find the marker. There are two sets of markers, the blue tees being closer to the green and the gold tees a little further for beginers who have advanced in skill. Click on the link below to view the special score card for this course.  

Click here to view the Jane Cerrone Family Golf Course scorecard

Junior Programs conducted at
Daytona Beach Golf Club